Baby Body Moisturiser

Baby Body Moisturiser

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DU’IT Baby Body Moisturiser, helps hydrate and support Baby’s natural skin moisture balance, relieving Baby’s dry skin.

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Product Description

A newborns skin is delicate and loses moisture up to nearly two times faster than an adult. Harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and environmental influences can cause newborn skin irritation, dryness, chaffing and rashes. Don’t worry though – this is common during a babies first year.

With DU’IT Baby Body Moisturiser, you can hydrate and support your baby’s skin natural moisture balance. Using only the kindest ingredients, our product is made from nourishing naturally derived ingredients and calming certified organic oils – natural blend of olive oil*, Soybean*, Aloe Vera* and Tapioca Starch.

When applied, DU’IT Baby Body Moisturiser immediately forms a long lasting protective barrier on your baby’s skin, which protects their body’s natural oils that protect their skin. This is what keeps their skin silky smooth and healthy.

We recommend you use DU’IT Baby Body Moisturiser after bath time to revitalize their skin, as a calming massage before bedtime to ensure they have a peaceful sleep, or anytime when your baby’s skin is dry. Our ultra gentle formula is great to use on your baby anytime – day or night.

DU’IT Baby Body Moisturiser is available in an easy to dispense 100ml tube that fits so nicely into your nappy bag, making it super easy when you are travelling.

Made with pure, high quality certified organic oils and real natural plant extracts, we are committed to promising a Nasty FREE Guarantee:

  • Allergen or irritant FREE
  • Paraben, phenoxyethanol or phthalates FREE
  • Petrolatum, mineral oil, soap and sulphate FREE
  • Alcohol* FREE
  • Sorbolene FREE
  • Non-toxic
  • Artificial fragrance FREE

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